GBF 2020 - Summer

APRIL REFLECTIONS By Adam Chamberlain, Chair of Georgian Bay Forever Canadians share a healthy respect for science. We can see this currently in the social acceptance of the COVID-19 physical separation measures prescribed by public health officials. This was a rapid onset issue and response with an im- mediate impact on the health of our friends and families. We are hopeful that your family is healthy, and secondarily, we share concerns about the unknown effects and time it will take for our society and economy to recover. Victoria Day weekendmay not be the same re-entry into our favourite natural spaces this year, but that will give us unexpected opportunities to look at our favourite Bay in newways. “Absencemakes the heart grow fonder” so it is said. Our plans for an exciting summer of science and education will be impacted but we expect to accomplish all of our objectives through the application of new tools. As I amwriting this in early April we are only beginning to understand the potential impact COVID-19 will have on our society. Our time on Georgian Bay seems a long way off fromwhere I am sitting now and I ammindful that you are reading this withmore knowledge of things yet to come . With that inmind, I will keepmy comments brief and focus on what matters most, family and friends. Georgian Bay offers us all different things. Whether you are into paddling, camping, cottaging, water-skiing, fishing, sailing or some- thing else; chances are your fondest memories of doing them involve those closest to you. THE COVID SPRING By David Sweetnam, Executive Director of Georgian Bay Forever We are chomping at the bit to get out of seclusion and back into our modified work- plan to protect the waters of Georgian Bay. This summer, our Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)* named G eorgie Mc B ay F ace will be deployed throughout Georgian Bay to see, for the first time, what is really happening in our precious water. Interest is growing in the new tools GBF has available such as our University-partnered AUV, and we are being asked to participate in a number of scientific initiatives as well as completing our own research plans. During these days of bad news and seques- tration, I hope you will find this newsletter to be interesting and thought provoking. There is much afoot in Georgian Bay over the coming years and only a limited time for us to collect the data we need to steer the processes in the right direction. *Learn what the sensors on the AUVmeasure by visiting Of course, all these activities rely on the health of our natural environment (on the Bay or elsewhere) and we at GBF spendmost of our time thinking about that environment—especially the quality of the water and the health of the creatures living in and around it. We will keep our focus on the water and the Bay as you, our valued supporter, would expect. This year, however, we will likely all divert our gaze (from time to time) from the blue waters and sky, to those who we holdmost dear. This is natural of course - it is what we should be doing. I imagine we will have to learn newways of doing our jobs, including howwe communicate with you. Perhaps thesemethods will be useful in the future in ways that might have surprised us—until now. Please know that when things start to return to amore normal state, GBF will still be here, workingwith and for you to protect Georgian Bay for our friends, family and future generations. GBF.ORG | SUMMER 2020 | 3 MESSAGES FROM THE CHAIR AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR