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About Us

Our mission is to protect, enhance, and restore the aquatic ecosystem of Georgian Bay by funding accredited research on water levels, water quality, and ecosystems; by educating the public and governments on issues regarding the environmental protection of the Georgian Bay area; and by enhancing the public's appreciation for their environment.


We believe that water is a common heritage and a fundamental human right that is essential to life. It should be preserved and made accessible to all, today and in the future. We value the concepts of transparency, integrity, creativity, trust, and sharing. Everything we undertake is done with respect for the members of the varied communities we serve.

The natural landscape of Georgian Bay is irreplaceable. Let’s protect it.

Our Mission







To protect and enhance Georgian Bay through science, research, education and action.


Our Vision







Ensuring Georgian Bay is

healthy and thriving forever.




Number One

To identify, research, and put forward strategies and solutions that respond to key threats facing Georgian Bay’s ecosystem:

  • Analyze and report on effects of climate change on coastal and lake wide areas of Georgian Bay

  • Establish baseline data and monitor trends and changes to water levels, water quality, biodiversity and aquatic habitat

  • Analyze impact of land use activities and pollution on aquatic ecosystems


Number Two

To expand our impact through strategic partnerships:

  • Increase partnerships to foster community-based actions around Georgian Bay

  • Engage and partner with Indigenous Nations and Leaders

  • Expand research projects with universities and governments

  • Align stakeholders to achieve maximum leverage of resources


Number Three

To develop strategies that inspire action and behaviour change through communication, education and awareness:

  • Build a variety of media and make GBF the “go to “place for credible information on Georgian Bay

  • Enhance dialogue through communication with targeted audiences and develop actionable insights

  • Expand education webinars, seminars, programs, newsletters and promote changes to policy and legislation


Number Four

To strengthen organizational, financial and human resource capacity for staff and volunteers and build a thriving workplace

  • Develop an organization plan and human resource strategy

  • Align staff and volunteer attraction, development and retention with expanding

  • organization.

  • Expand fund development to increase resiliency and sustainability of GBF

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