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Archived Projects

Explore our contributions to the health of Georgian Bay

through some of our past completed projects.


Project Manager: David Sweetnam

Algae occur naturally in freshwater systems, and are essential to the aquatic food web and healthy ecosystems. However, too much or too little algae can result in negative impacts to water quality, the ecosystem,  and human health. 

In conjunction with ECCC, we recruited citizen scientists and launched a program for them to document algae sightings around Georgian Bay for the purpose of mapping problem areas. 

Project Manager: Amber Gordon

We used GPS-tracked bottles deployed from pre-determined locations  to track the route that waste and pollution may take. The GPS bottles pinged their locations every hour for a week or two, giving us data straight from the source.

This information is used to inform where shoreline cleanups, trash traps, and other pollution deterrents will be most effective. 

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