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Water Quality

Georgian Bay is one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the world, and one of the most distinct in geology and biodiversity. Its crystalline waters and long stretches of wetlands give the impression of an abundance of clean, fresh water and a healthy ecosystem, but the truth is that the Georgian Bay waters are suffering. 

Toxic chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers, agricultural run-off, sewage and grey water, industrial effluents, and microbial contaminants such as bacteria, parasites, and viruses all have a substantially negative effect on water quality in Georgian Bay. Apart from the obvious impact on water safety in terms of drinking water, bathing, swimming, and tourism appeal, poor water quality can also lead to nuisance and toxic algae blooms, and cause mass die-offs of fish, birds and various other animals. The highly sensitive food web can also be altered by such foreign substances, leading to the elimination of some species and the rise of others,

disrupting the entire ecosystem.

Water-Quality Management

Ninety percent of Canadians believe that water management decisions should be better informed by science, according to an 2016 RBC Canadian Water Attitudes Study, and nine out of ten Canadians believe that developing municipal and industry standards based on scientific research is the most effective way to protect and manage fresh water.

Georgian Bay Forever is helping to bring scientific processes for greater efficiency of water quality management to various municipalities in the Georgian Bay area.


Information About Water Quality

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