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Take Action

Use this handy email finder to search for your  local MPP and write them an email expressing your concerns for the environment.

What to Write About

Send en email to our government official using one or more of the following topics:


Encourage the Canadian government to engage the American government in a discussion about how to improve strategies for mitigating extreme high and low water levels.


Inspire government officials to start conversations about the possible addition of new tools like control structures at the mouths of the St. Clair and Niagara Rivers.


Encourage the Canadian government to work with the US government to examine the role that GLAM (Great Lakes-St.Lawrence Adaptive Management Committee) could play in improving coordination between all control structures.


Urge discussions about the potential revival of the International Joint Commission (IJC) 2013 recommendation to put in place a Great Lakes Water Levels Advisory Board. This would be key to integrating and fortifying gaps in data about the Great Lakes to better inform government and citizens of changing conditions due to climate change.

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