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For a one-time gift of $350 you will be helping to protect, conserve, and restore the waters of Georgian Bay, home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna, including fifty species at risk.


The beloved Blanding's turtle, who live throughout Georgian Bay and much of southern and central Ontario, are threatened due to pollution, habitat loss, and other types of human interferance. This turtle is slow to sexually mature and breed, so the loss of females due to road traffic and predation is especially impactful to their population. 


At Georgian Bay Forever, we work to conserve the Blanding's turtle's natural habitat, and educate the public as to how we can all reduce added pressure on this vulnerable species. 


For your gift you will receive

  • The original illustration Blanding's Turtle donated by Toronto artist Laura Thipphawong, created as part of the "Species at Risk" series for Georgian Bay Forever
  • An email certificate aknowledging your contribution as well as some additional information on the species and how your gift helps to protect it. 
  • A tax receipt for $350. 


Shipping is included in the price and fulfilled by Canada Post with an estimated 7-10 business days for arrival throughout Canada. 




This artwork was created as part of a series called "Species at Risk" by Toronto artist Laura Thipphawong (also our communications director) and donated to Georgian Bay Forever. Laura's work has been featured in several private collections, galleries, and publications, such as CBC Arts, New Visionary Magazine, the Lieutenant Governor’s Suite in Toronto, and the National Gallery of Canada.


Blanding's Turtle, 9x12, Pen and Gouache on Paper, 2023

Copyright non-transferable with sale.


Please be advised that the colour of artwork may appear slightly different in person than on the computer screen. However, we do not digitally alter the colours of photographs except sometimes to brighten them when photographed in low light, so colour should be accurately represented. 

Original Artwork - Blanding's Turtle

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